Alaskan Way Viaduct Demolition Underway

Demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct began last week after being delayed by a couple days due to weather. Construction began at three locations with the goal for most of the project to be finished by June 1—the start of tourist season.

On Friday, February 15, work began at the southbound Columbia Street onramp, starting at 1st Avenue and continuing west toward the water. Its demolition will allow the city to begin its Columbia Street rebuild as a two-way bus corridor between 3rd Avenue and Alaskan Way. The ramp between 1st and Western Avenue is scheduled to be gone by February 20, with the entire ramp gone within 30 days.

Alaskan Way Viaduct Demolition Underway

WSDOT Viaduct Demolition Tracker(Progress as of 2.18)

Then demolition started next day just north of the Seattle Aquarium. This section runs alongside Pike Place Market and the downtown railroad tunnel. This demolition leads to the beginning of work on the Overlook Walk, a new pedestrian pathway connecting the MarketFront to the waterfront. Work also began at the Battery Street Tunnel. In the end, the tunnel will be partially filled with debris from the viaduct.

The Marion Street footbridge, which provides ferry passengers a path from Colman Dock to 1st Avenue, will remain open until May. Once closed, the path will switch to another walkway leading to a temporary steel bridge at Columbia. Meanwhile, the footbridge will remain accessible from the existing Western Avenue staircases or 1st Avenue. The far south decks along Railroad Avenue South might remain until July.

Curious about what it looks like for the viaduct to come down? Viaduct demolition along the waterfront can be viewed at WSDOT. By contract, no city block can be closed for more than 30 consecutive days. Given that, detours and lane closures will vary around work zones.

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