Seattle Insider - Brooke Westlund

In the latest installment of Seattle Insider: One on One with UrbanAsh, Ashley sits down with Seattle mixed-media and abstract artist, Brooke Westlund, to discuss her work, studio location, and the upcoming changes to Pike Place Market and the waterfront.

Fort the past eight years Brooke’s studio has been located in the heart of Seattle: Pike Place Market. Prior to joining the market community, Brooke would paint from home and participate in little shows around the area.

Seattle Insider - Brooke Westlund

Now, she has settled into a cozy sidewalk storefront at 1514 Western Avenue. Although the space is mainly used as her studio, people are able to come in and see her work. In addition to creating her own work, Brooke also runs group art classes where you can schedule a time with a group of friends for a fun night of wine and art.

With a commitment to that space for the next few years, Brooke will be able to witness the upcoming changes to the market and waterfront following the demolition of the viaduct this fall. One of the future projects includes the Overlook Walk, a public pathway connecting the Pike Place MarketFront to the waterfront. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see what Brooke will create next.

Watch the video below to learn more about Brooke Westlund!

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