While world-renowned developer Westbank is currently making its mark on Seattle with 1200 Stewart, First Light and the Frye Towers, it is also changing the landscape in its hometown of Vancouver. Last month, UrbanAsh was invited to Vancouver for a tour of Westbank’s work.

Vancouver House - Westbank

Vancouver House/Westbank

Opening this year is Vancouver House, a 56-story twisting tower with 497 condo units. Standing at 497 feet, it is the fourth tallest tower in downtown. It sits on a small triangle lot with 6,500 square feet of floor space, the tower opens up and doubles its floorplates to about 13,000 square feet. The tower’s design showcases protruding balconies and “punched in windows,” creating a honeycomb look on its façade.

Oakridge Vancouver - Westbank

Oakridge Vancouver/Westbank

Scheduled to begin this year is Oakridge Vancouver, a new cultural hub will include 2,600 homes for 6,000 residents; workspace for 3,000 creative professionals; more than 300 stores featuring distinguished brands; and a culinary experience with the best local and global chefs. Oakridge will also feature the city’s second-largest library; a nearly 10-acre park comprised of six smaller parks; and become home to the Goh Ballet Performing Arts Academy. The xx is scheduled for completion in 2027.

First Light Seattle - Light As A Common Thread

First Light/Westbank

Meanwhile in Seattle, First Light sold 50 percent of its selection in the first month of presales, and is now 60-65 percent sold. Scheduled to break ground later this year, the 48-story tower is expected to be completed in 2020.

1200 Stewart - Westbank

1200 Stewart/Westbank

Currently under construction at 1200 Stewart are two 45-story towers featuring the familiar architecture style that Westbank is known for—including more than 1,000 apartments and 150,000 square feet of retail. It is scheduled for completion Winter 2021.

Frye Towers/Westbank

The Frye Towers at 707 Terry Avenue features two 33-story towers with a total of 486 apartment units, and 7,600 square feet of retail and restaurant space located in the towers’ podium. One of its main features is the glass bridge connecting the two towers at the 31st floor.

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